Poe, Manchester Ridge Chardonnay, 2015


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Winemaker, Samantha Sheehan of Poe Wines dropped out of Tulane Law School to pursue winemaking in 2009. She named her wine label “Poe” after her literary hero, Edgar Allan Poe. “A raven’s wing is featured on the label, an obvious nod to Poe’s famous story. But a closer inspection of her husband’s design reveals an encrypted code embossed onto the label, a twofer of texture and mystery that references Poe’s weekend job as a cryptographer.” Samantha is now one of the most well-respected winemakers out of Napa pursuing, “French style of winemaking with a California inflection, a balance she describes as “more acidic, fresh and lighter on its feet, but with a certain amount of fruit.”

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