2018 Wonderland Project Two Kings Pinot Noir 1.5L


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The Wonderland Project was founded by bootlegger and former sommelier, Matt Ahern. After years of selling wine to elite restaurants in the Western US, Ahern realized that there was something missing from most wine lists: a high-quality wine made from high-quality fruit, with enough refinement for the most discerning palate at an accessible cost. In 2010, unable to find just the right wine to fill this niche, Ahern decided to make it himself. Ahern became the lead winemaker for Scribe Winery in 2010 and is lucky enough to produce a couple barrels of his private label there as well. Intoxicating aromatics of wild strawberries, rhubarb and sweet smoke precede a smooth, velvety body and a clean, precise finish.

Pair it with a rich, slow-roasted pork shoulder on a warm Summer night!

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