2018 Stolpman Vineyards Love You Bunches Sangiovese


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The Story behind the label. “The story of our new Carbonic Sangiovese label goes back to August of 2016, when our friends Emily and Patton Penhallegon served the 2015 vintage at their beautiful wedding in Flathead Lake, Montana. After their wedding we saw a picture posted of our Carbonic Sangiovese bottle. Under the bottle shot, framed by the Montana backdrop, the guest wrote “nothing says I love you, bunches – like Carbonic Fermentation.” That cute pun had us. Carbonic Sangiovese is way too fun to have a serious label! In my head, I saw a post-it note on the fridge, “Love You Bunches” – casually scribbled and totally personal. But to try and write it seemed forced to artist Kari Crist and I, so we hosted a contest at a wine club pickup party: the customer that scrawled “Love You Bunches” in the most magical style would win a free case. Thus, the label came to be.”

RegionSanta Ynez Valley, California, USA
Tasting NotesTo make Carbonic Sangiovese, “La Cuadrilla must lovingly, gently harvest whole bunches. The winery team then softly cradles them into a tank without popping the skins. Then we part for up to three long weeks, waiting for the sugar locked within those adored grapes to ferment and blossom into the light red wine we obsess over all summer.” Bursting with vibrant energy, the Carbonic Sangiovese is a light-hearted wine meant to drink cold. Firm, crunchy cherries, red grapefruit with loads of acid and a popping tannin structure that makes the wine extremely food friendly.
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