2016 Lorenzo Giusti Lacrima di Morra d’Alba


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Luigi Giusti began growing  grapes in 1965 in the town of Castelferretti, which lies just a few kilometers off the Adriatic coast. Luigi strove to innovate the vineyards and winery but he passed away in 1987 and it was left to his son Piergiovanni, to see the fruition of his dreams and the renaissance of the Lacrima grape he worked with for so many years. The Lacrima grape is an  ancient varietal indigenous to this area of Marche. Its curious name (Italian for tear) is believed to have come from the fact that the berries frequently burst and thus appear to “shed tears.”

RegionMarche, Italy
Tasting NotesMedium bodied with sweet tannins this wine is easy drinking and food friendly. Hints of red fruit, purple flowers and Italian herbs and spices. 2,500 cases produced.
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