Bortolin Angelo, Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, 2018


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Desiderio and his father Angelo, founder of the company, were in the vineyard preparing the vines for the upcoming season one morning when Angelo saw a beautiful, big twisting branch and showed it to Desiderio. He held it with one hand, the exact same way you would pick up a bottle of sparkling wine. That image served as vital inspiration for the design of the new bottle: it had to bring to mind a twisting vine and the colors in the label had to capture the colors of the land of Valdobbiadene. 


RegionVeneto, Italy
Tasting NotesIt is dry and subtle, with aromas of apple, pear and peach. The round mouthfeel with balanced acidity make it versatile and can be considered a “multitasking” wine that can be drunk on any occasion from aperitifs to desserts.
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