2017 Antoine Arena Patrimonio Carco, France, Corsica, Patrimonio


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A British wine writer once dubbed Vermentinu (Vermentino), “the yachtsman’s white.” It makes sense, it’s bright, salty, something you would want to drink on the deck of boat after a quick dip in the water. “I think you could call Antoine’s Carco blanc the wine that made it all happen. Forty years ago, when Antoine took over his father’s estate, hardly anyone had heard of Patrimonio, and even fewer had anything nice to say about its wines. Antoine set out on a solo mission that consisted of a return to natural farming and winemaking, and getting Patrimonio drunk by those who care, away from the tourists and off the island. Mission accomplished, to put it mildly. After all these years, Arena is the reference point of wine merchants the world over for great Corsican wine. It has done more for Corsica and Patrimonio than anyone could have dreamed of. So what makes Carco so special? The path to greatness is wrought with trials and tribulations. In the early days, Antoine’s rouges were inconsistent—at times great, at other times hot and funky, as he experimented with various ways to battle the island’s excessive heat. The Carco blanc, though, was perfection from the start: timeless Vermentinu imbued with salt, sun, and rocks year in and year out. Through it all, Carco kept steady and won Corsica its proverbial seat at the table.” — Chris Santini, Kermit Lynch

RegionCorsica, France
Tasting NotesThis wine is bright, crisp and mineral driven. It is refreshing with citrus notes dominating the palate and a nice salinity on the finish.
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