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Posted Mar 2, 2018
Wine Club One Year Anniversary Dinner

This past weekend, we were so excited to celebrate the anniversary of Club ARGAUX. We cannot believe it’s been a year!

Part of the reason we love the project of the Wine Club is getting to connect our members with each other when they have similar tastes in wine. Having a community of wine lovers that we can guide towards new wines, and towards each other, is such a fun part of this job.

And what better way to celebrate a personalized, curated wine club than by treating our members to an intimate dinner?

We hosted at the newly opened The Arbor, in Pasadena, for a farm-to-table dinner with a classic Californian vibe.  Thank you to their incredible team for taking such good care of us!

It was so special to bring together this group of people that had all been receiving half cases every month in the same room!

We all sat down for a four course meal with pairings, which are newly offered in our Wine Shop.  It was fun to challenge ourselves with creative pairings for the perfectly executed dishes coming out of the kitchen.

By the time we were sipping the last glass of champagne with dessert all our members, who had come into the night as strangers, were deep in intense pockets of conversation all over the dining room. Such a joy to behold.

Thank you to everyone who has helped grow our little club over the past year, we really appreciate your support and dedication! Cheers to another year of personalized cases.

On To The Next Bottle! – ARGAUX


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