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Posted Feb 14, 2018
Valentines Day: Choosing a Bottle

This Valentine’s day, are you perhaps taking someone out to dinner? Want to seem suave when ordering a bottle of wine but really have no idea where to start? Afraid of losing all your cool when the waiter asks what you’ll have to drink?


Never fear – you have your Pocket Somms. You can text or call us at any time to help you through the tricky territory of wine picking. Here are our tips for keeping cool on Valentine’s day this year.


Step One: Prepare in Advance


Check out the website of your restaurant to see if they have a wine list, so you can read up in advance. Don’t obsess over the details – just get an idea of how many wines will even be an option, and what types they have. Being prepared in advance will help you remain calm in the moment.


Step Two – At the Restaurant: Narrow it Down


White or Red? The first question. Nailing this down will eliminate half the wines on the list. The best way to do so is to simply ask your date what she likes. Know in general what you might be ordering and try to come to a consensus before selecting a bottle.


Step Three: Know the (Basic) Vocabulary


At this point, you should feel comfortable asking for the somm.  They will ask you what type of wine you like. And be honest with yourself: do you want something fruity or earthy? Something sweeter or something dry? Full-bodied or light? These opposing characteristics can help you narrow down the list quite a bit in just three questions.


Step Four: Pick a Budget


There’s really no formula for determining how much to spend on wine—just spend what you feel comfortable with. One tip: tell the somm three wines you are interested in, all in the same price range. They will take the hint and recommend something that also fits in that range.


Step Five: Taste the Wine


Once you select your bottle, the waiter or somm will bring over the bottle and have you taste it. Read the label, do the swirl. This isn’t just a ritual, it’s a real opportunity to be honest about what you think of the wine. If you really can’t stand it, it’s ok to send it back.


The somm is there to help you, not to make you feel silly in front of your date. And we are always open to questions, no matter how silly they may seem!

Cheers From Your Pocket Somms! – ARGAUX


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