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Posted Feb 28, 2018
Seven Wines to Have on Hand

With the launch of the new Wine Shop, we have made sure that our bestsellers and crowd favorites are always in stock. Of course we are always here to help you branch out your collection – but where should you start?

Here are seven wines, currently available in the store, that will have you covered in every situation. Think of them as the perfect wines to have stocked in your wine fridge at all times. One for every day of the week!


The Wine: An Interesting White

The Situation: Can’t get a last minute restaurant reservation for plans you made with a friend? Invite them over instead. Pop this bottle and order in. Casual yet exciting.

The ARGAUX Pick: Keep ‘em guessing with 2016 Malat Crazy Creatures Grüner Veltliner. This wine is super food-friendly for Pan-Asian cuisines: perfect for take out! 



The Wine: Rosé 

The Situation: It’s the weekend, and you just went for a long, long run. Grab your swimsuit, a towel, and this bottle out of the wine fridge, and head to the beach for a rewarding dip and sip.

The ARGAUX Pick2016 Oh La La! Rosé of Cabernet is the perfect pick – and why not upgrade to a magnum? Bring it to the beach and be the most popular of your sunbathing friends. 


The Wine: Crisp Red

The Situation: A warm night on the patio. Cocktail hour. But no cocktail for you – a nice glass of crisp red wine to set the night off right.

The ARGAUX Pick2015 Salcheto Chianti Colli Senesi is an approachable Italian red without tons of depth, and the right price point to be a wine for cocktail hour.  2014 Storm John Sebastiano Pinot Noir is also a good choice – Mr. Storm makes wine in an Old World style right here in California



The Wine: Full Bodied Red

The Situation: Italian night. Gather your loved ones, and get the pasta sauce simmering. This is a bottle to share over the course of the night — and it will drink well before and after you get cooking, too.

The ARGAUX Pick2014 Andrew Will “Two Blondes” Cabernet Sauvignon is our go-to (and it’s made in Washington state!)


The Wine: Crisp White

The Situation: It’s a warm afternoon. The sun is coming through the window onto your desk with a warmth that says “stop working…go to the wine fridge.” Just one glass with lunch you say as you pull out this bottle. With one sip the morning’s work becomes broken by the refreshing taste of the wine. Take a break for the good things in life – put some wine in your afternoon.

The ARGAUX Pick2015 Christophe Chablis is a good gateway wine for trying Old World Chardonnay. At under $30 for a White Burgundy, it’s our choice for a dry, mineral white wine. 


The Wine: Full Bodied-White

The Situation: Cocktail hour – winter – before dinner.  The fire is blazing, the snow is gently falling. Your friends brave the winds to bring over the cheeses as you pull warm bread out of the oven. Crack open this bottle and let the appetizers flow.

The ARGAUX Pick2015 Chanin Chardonnay Bien Nacido Vineyard is a powerful Chardonnay – and every bottle features a painting from the UCLA art school grad/vintner owner. 


The Wine: Bubbles

The Situation:  Congrats! That giant project is finally done! You got a surprise promotion! Your dog came home with a winning lottery ticket in its mouth!

Or: you had a terrible day and need this and to order a pizza. This wine is for both of those times.

The ARGAUX Pick: You should always have some bubbly chilled to celebrate! Our new favorite is Champagne Charles Ellner (coming soon on the shop!), which has an incredible mouthfeel, and is aged for at least four years. 

With these seven wines, you will be covered for any situation life throws at you. Keep your wine fridge stocked with these selections and you’re always covered.


Cheers From Your Pocket Somms! – ARGAUX


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