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Dear Members,

Summer is coming to an end and a new school year is upon us! In honor of back to school month, we figured we would give you a little history lesson on the world of wine and bring you some classic varietals that represent a sense of place.

The history of wine dates all the way back to Israel and Georgia in 4,000bc where ancient winemaking facilities and large earthenware vessels submerged in the ground have been discovered. However, it wasn’t until 1500bc that messages about wine were discovered in Greece written on ancient Pylos tablets. From 200bc on, wine became very much so ingrained in day-to-day Greek and Roman life and slowly began to spread throughout Europe and across the world. Wine consumption was encouraged as a healthy habit and when water couldn’t be trusted during the Black Plague, people turned to wine instead. The fermentation process killed the deadly bacteria that had contaminated the water. From the middle ages on, the vine has survived disease, war and even prohibitions. Wine has an incredibly rich history and has touched almost every culture globally. This month we have given you wines from producers around the world that we consider are classic representations of their region and all the history that comes with it. So sit back and pop a cork. You have a history lesson in a glass.

September 2019

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