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Posted Oct 7, 2017
Santiago de Compostela, Spain Pt. I

O’Curra da Parra

Our dinner at O’Curra da Parra was on the first day it rained the whole trip. We called to get a reservation, out on the patio, and our waiters put two umbrellas together for us for a little tent. This recommendation came from both a tour guide and the Michelin guide, which is always a good bet when traveling.

Our prix fixe menu was Japanese fusion. I would recommend eating this way at O’Curra da Parra – it helps you discover new flavors while allowing you to sit back and relax. Trust the chef to put together a satisfying progression of flavors. I mentioned before that this was the first of two Japanese fusion restaurants, but despite the worldly mix we were drinking Spanish wine the whole time.

To start we had fresh figs tartar, foie and Galician Cebreiro cheese.  The wonderful figs were a talking point, as late August is prime fig season. Figs, tomatoes, cod, and octopus were constantly on menus the whole time we were there; it’s refreshing to see a culture eat so seasonally!

First course: King-prawns, pil-pil, garlic chips, chili peppers, black aioli and spring onion. This area is known for it’s seafood and it shined in this dish.

Second course: Whole cherry tomatoes with sesame seed oil and green olives. The swap of olive oil for sesame seed oil expanded what we already know and cook with and brought it to the next level with the creaminess – unexpected in Japanese cooking. A good inspirational touchpoint when experimenting in the kitchen at home!



Third courseCod in tempura, meat jus, coliflower purée and Galician white beans

O’Curra da Parra is worth a stop if you find yourself in Santiago!


Cheers from your Pocket Somm! – Arden


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