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Posted Nov 26, 2017
Pairing Cigars with Wine

The luxury of a quality cigar. The perfect sip of a curated wine. Here at ARGAUX, we’ve been getting a few questions about pairing these two sensory experiences. Per request, we have outlined a few pairings for those moments when you want to kick back with a freshly cut cigar and a glass of wine.

A coveted cigar and a bottle of wine can be an excellent gift this holiday season as well! We would recommend beginning with a wine that has a personal story to it, perfectly picked by your Pocket Somm, and finding a cigar to match.


As a starting point…


One consistent factor to consider is the body of both your cigar and wine. The two should generally go hand in hand, and serve as the baseline for our pairings. Look for robust wines with large fruit flavors and a structure that can hold up to the smokiness of a cigar.


As a general rule, steer away from wines that do not already have a strong personality – or their taste will be bulldozed by the cigar.

For a lighter bodied cigar, try pairing with a Riesling. The fruitier notes of the wine will play off the lighter notes of the cigar. The acidity of the wine will help cleanse the palate and rejuvenate each puff you take off the cigar.


Most cigars, however, pair best with Old World reds. With the smoky flavor and intense spice of a cigar, you need a wine that can stand up to the complexity of a cigar, and enrich the flavors already present.


A deeper Zinfandel should have the right mix of berry flavors, and enough spice to bring out the best in a Nicaraguan full-bodied cigar.


Tempranillo-based Rioja wines are consistently great partners to cigars. They have the temperament to bring out nuances in the tobacco and the firmness to complement a large variety of fuller-bodied cigars.


For Italian wines, try a classic, strong Chianti or Sangiovese (pour one with notes of pepper and leather) with Cuban or Tuscan cigars.

Looking for a custom pairing for a cigar you already have in mind? Contact us – we would love to help you find the perfect bottle.


Cheers From Your Pocket Somm! – ARGAUX


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