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Posted Apr 17, 2018
On Our Reading List

We’ve always been big on books here at ARGAUX. Back in college, we both majored in creative writing, and always had a major stack on rotation.


Nowadays, we still have that desire to connect with stories (via a bottle of wine): stories of the earth, the vintner’s family, the region’s’ history, the culinary traditions. So pop open your favorite bottle and take a crack at our reading list for April!


The blog Manger has the most dreamy photography, and gorgeous tales of French countryside life. Her latest recipe for Hainan chicken is the last thing you should cook before spring officially arrives. 


Read with: A White Burgundy, or a Chablis 

If after our latest post on Natural Wine you still have more questions, BonApp is here to explain. This is a seriously good post that will answer every last question, with some neat resources thrown in! 


Read With: Our Natural Wine 4 Pack of course! 


Natural Wine by Isabel Legeron 


This book is a longer introduction into the world of natural wine. We first came across her at the RAW wine festival in LA, which she founded. This book is a must-read for anyone with a serious passion for Organic, Biodynamic, and Natural wines.


Read with: 2016 MEINKLANG Pinot Gris 

The Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes


As young female entrepreneurs, there is a lot riding on our shoulders. Building a brand and a business is always tricky, and can be very trying and emotional at times. This book reminds us to get out from under the anxiety and take the joyful risks that become crucial for our personal and work lives.


Read with: Le Clos. J’adore ce vin! According to a lunar calendar, plant-based preparations such as nettle and mineral compost such as crushed silica are applied to the vines. Here no chemicals are used. The wines of Clos St Vincent are classic to the south of France. This ancient French vineyard was recognized as an AOC in 1941. This is a classic rosé, a wine that makes you realize how seriously the French take their rosé! Simply beautiful. For a limited time, we are offering three months of rose on the wine shop! Scoop up our favorites while you can. 

Like our picks? Have some ideas yourself? Let us know what’s on your reading list! We would love to hear what books and articles are being read by our dear clients. And don’t forget, we are always available to help you pair that perfect wine with a good read.


Cheers from your Pocket Somm! – ARGAUX


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