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Posted May 3, 2018
Mother’s Day

This year for Mother’s Day, we reached out to Newport’s favorite flower girl behind Anna Creative Floral to create custom bouquets paired with wine. As we shot some photos of the beautiful result, we talked inspiration around the surest sign of spring. 

How did you come into the floral business? What about working with flowers inspires you?  

Anna: After studying Interior design and working in the field for a few years, I became fascinated with how fresh florals and plants had the ability to bring a project to life. They were always the details that made a room feel intentional and warm.

Early in the morning before an interior shoot, I would drive to the flower mart in Downtown LA, pull the freshest flowers I could find, and arrange them to fit the needs of the space. It was in doing so that I absolutely found my passion.

Working with fresh flowers inspires me everyday because nature is so incredible! When I go to pull flowers for a project, I never know what I am going to find. Some weeks the vendors have varieties I have never seen, and I love that element of surprise!

Part of pairing wine is really “listening” to the many different elements in wine to “hear” what notes appear. How did you select these bottles to represent our Mother’s for Mother’s day? Why were they speaking to you?

Arden: For this specific collaboration and gift I was thinking about two things; how not only the wine itself will pair with the aromas and mood of the floral arrangements but the labels too! The “Love You Bunches” label could not be more perfect with its message and simple, clean look alongside the more neutral, earthy arrangement. It’s important to me that the entire package looks great but of course, the number one priority is that these wines truly pair and enhance the aromas and mood of the arrangements.

When it comes to the Rosé & Bubbles crate, you can actually taste the similarities too! Anna included kumquats after I shared tasting notes I wrote for the Lieu Dit Rosé, picking up on certain citrus notes in the wine. The four wines selected are fun, approachable wines perfect for a day at the beach, an aperitif or dinner party…all wonderful moments shared with your mom!

For this project, you worked with taking inspiration from the wine to create the floral arrangements. Where do you start when visualizing a bouquet?

Anna: The first thing I always do when creating an arrangement is decide on a color palette. My experience in Interiors has given me the tools to understand color on an entirely different level. Once I have decided on the colors I will be working with, the arrangement just falls into place!

We already know how important the sense of smell is for wine. But with these gifts, you are using a whole range of the senses.  Isn’t that such a luxury?

Arden: Yes! These gifts are definitely luxurious. My jaw dropped, Anna’s jaw dropped when we first saw everything together…the flowers and then the bottles in the box with the crinkle paper. They are stunning and truly a sensory experience.

We put a lot of thought into the pairing and the look, making sure our two options were different enough with various florals and of course wine selections. This is the first of these “out of the box” pairings Argaux has done. It’s so much fun because that’s what wine is all about. It’s relevant and pairs with not only food but moments and moods, music and activities.

You use a lot of non-traditional plants in these bouquets like rosemary, sage, and kumquats, which mirror the notes in the wines. What other more unusual plants are you excited to work with right now?

Anna: Recently I have been incorporating more vegetables into my work, like whole artichokes, fruited olive branches and different types of lettuce! I think variety and texture are so important in creating a unique piece.

What was it like to work with a florist on wine pairing? How can we turn to ARGAUX to get out of our comfort zones when “pairing” wine in the world?

Arden: I was just starting to get into this above! Argaux thinks of wine as a simple pleasure meant to be enjoyed everyday. It doesn’t always have to be a luxury or a special occasion in order for us to pull the cork.

Club Argaux is focused on finding you those everyday wines: affordable, delicious and consistent. There are people who are into wine…really into it…for its history, for Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, #sommlife, travel, the lifestyle, and on and on. Those are all reasons wine interests Margaux and I, but there’s a difference between interest and passion.

Margaux and I found wine through throwing dinner parties and cooking feasts for college friends, and through beginning to pair it with actions and activities, versus food. We hiked, rewarding ourselves with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc at the top. When we are playing tennis against each other we always reach for the Riesling. I paired Pinot with Pilates…I actually used two magnums as weights during pliés! Talk about motivation…

After working with a somm on this project, did you take away new inspiration for future bouquets?

Anna: Absolutely! I love the idea of creating an arrangement with meaning behind it. In the future, I hope to tell many more stories through the use of flowers and plants.


Thank you to Anna for collaborating on this project! And don’t forget to order the pairing for your mom by May 11th.


Cheers from your Pocket Somms! – ARGAUX


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