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Posted Jun 25, 2018
Montepulciano: Salcheto

We have long carried wine from Cantina Salcheto. Our wine club members will recognize the stand alone tree on the natural wine’s label, as it is a stable of our cellar. And this summer, we decided it was high time we made a pilgrimage to the vineyard.

In between Montepulciano and Totona lies this very special place.

Salcheto, meaning “little willow tree,” is also the name of the stream that abuts the property. The willow trees, which the owners currently nurture alongside the vines, are a symbol of cultural heritage and history. But they also represent the winery’s dedication to sustainable cultivation in all measures.

Our guide above showing us one of the many ways Salcheto leads the way in sustainability.
You’ll notice these bubbles around the property, providing natural light for the cellar below.

Vertical Garden

At this vineyard, they believe in a synergy between the earth and all growing things, man included.

Starting with the 2011 harvest, Salcheto has been energy independent, completely disconnected from traditional power-distribution networks, using Solar Photovoltaic but also geothermal and biomasses systems.

Harvested by hand, with sulfite free free vinifications, native yeasts, and the “Tuscan Governo” method, these wines contain some nurtured Sangiovese grapes.

Michele the owner was not there at the winery when we visited, but oddly enough he was in Newport when we returned, and Arden was able to meet him at Cucina Enoteca for a tasting the day after landing.

We discussed the way Italians consume wine. Never to get drunk. A glass of wine with lunch, a glass in the afternoon, some with dinner. Yet there is a respect for the product, which perhaps yields more temperance. Wine is pleasurable, it should be enjoyed. And excess is not needed when you are satisfied.

Visiting this vineyard certainly left us sated. When you are in the hands of stewards of the earth, with a product you believe in, life feels whole.

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