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Posted Oct 16, 2017
Madrid, Spain, Pt. III – Tapas Crawl

Luckily for us, the Spanish food tradition of tapas lends itself so well to a moveable feast. My mom and I had an ideal afternoon exploring central Madrid, food and beverage style. Contact us to craft your own afternoon of bar and restaurant hopping, no matter what city you are in! Here is my advice for a well-spent afternoon in Madrid:

1st Stop: Los Gatos de Madrid

I had researched this bar online before coming to Madrid. The name translates “The Cats of Madrid,” as locals are known to stay out all night. This was the perfect spot to begin our personal prowl of the streets. This bar has quite eclectic decor, ranging from a mural of skeletons dancing to a giant gramophone…and a priest mannequin. Just as diverse was the sampling of canapés!

2nd Stop: El Barril de Letras on Calle Cervantes 28

At this restaurant we had our first taste of pulpo (which is just a fun word to say)! Our version was octopus con cachelos: octopus, with potatoes with cayenne pepper and paprika. A bit peppy!

3rd Stop: Los Galyaos Restaurant

Now on our third stop, we were looking for a tapas with a little bit of substance. Strips of tender meat with padron peppers and potatoes did the trick.  

4th Stop: La Torre del Oro 

This bar is nicknamed “bull place at Plaza Mayor,” as it is on the main square in Madrid – the impressive Plaza Mayor. A good stop to tuck into after some sightseeing. Bulls that have lost their battle in the ring have their heads mounted on the wall – a sight that required a large beer to process.

5th Stop: Botín

Close to Plaza Mayor, this is one of the oldest restaurants in the world, where Hemingway famously ate an entire suckling pig and drank an entire bottle of Rioja Alta…or so we were told! Who would blame him. We opted for another Spanish beer in this a historic locale!


Final Stop: Central in Plaza del Angel

We decided to stimulate another sense with a little jazz music and another drink. Central was intimate and had a very fun vibe to cap off our Tapas crawl!

With your Pocket Somm, you are always prepared for a high-quality food and beverage tour, no matter what your destination.


Cheers from Your Pocket Somm! – Arden


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