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Posted Oct 7, 2017
Madrid, Spain, Pt. II

Numa Pompilio

Numa Pompilio was the first restaurant we went to in Madrid, recommended by a trusted friend. The day we landed, the earliest reservation was 9PM so we took our time roaming the city with spritz breaks before heading back to the hotel to freshen up.


Jet lag isn’t a thing for me upon arriving abroad. It is upon arriving home,  but the excitement is real whether it’s Paris, Madrid or Rome. I’m ready for an aperitif and a stroll. We landed around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Once we splashed some water on our faces we found our way over to El Museo Reina Sofía. The clock struck 5 and we made our way to the hotel bar for something to sip.


“Aperol Spritz?” He points to Italicus Spritz on the menu. An Italicus Spritz is made with Bergamot Rosolio, Cava and Soda. To say it hit the spot is an understatement.

Naturally, we arrived eager and hungry for our  9PM reservation on the dot. You walk in, imagining it’s a small, intimate space, but there’s a gorgeous patio glowing with lights like tiny stars hanging from the trees. It wasn’t until we started roaming through the menu that we realized the restaurant was Italian. This made me laugh considering it was our first night in Spain. We got there on the “early” side, when it was relatively empty, and over the course of the night it was fun to watch it flood with people. At 10:40pm it was just starting to come to life…

To start we had a complimentary plate of jamon and parmesan

Next, a focaccia assortment: black focaccia with tomato, lemon, rosemary, and olive oil, and  sundried tomato pesto

1st course: Roman style artichokes. This was a hit.

Main dishes: Dover sole in lemon and butter + grouper in stewed tomatoes, eggplant and olives.

Wine: 2014 Terredora di Paolo Fiano d’Avellino


We strolled back to our hotel and ended with a nightcap (to ensure a good night’s sleep).


Cheers from your Pocket Somm! – Arden


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