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Posted Jul 6, 2018
French Riviera

Now that we are suffering this heatwave in the United States, we can’t help but daydream back on our vacation along the French Riviera.

We could not wait to say Bonjour! to France! Literally – Arden has been taking French lessons and was dying to practice.

Our itinerary for the week? Antibes, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and Monaco. Oh La La! 

Also on the itinerary? Drinking our weight in rosé and White Burgundy.

One of our favorite stops for lunch was La Guerite, on an island off of Cannes. By this point in the trip, we were used to fresh seafood for lunch…and pasta! La Guerite makes the tastiest, most refreshing cocktail to open up with. It tastes like fresh guava juice but it’s mostly passionfruit with a bit of aperol mixed in among other goodness. For wine we decided on a Sancerre. Sometimes, nothing is more refreshing than the mineral + citrus + vibrancy of a Sancerre. This patricianly Sancerre was so good Arden spent the last 2 weeks securing an allocation from New York so our members can Sancerre at its best: 2016 Pascal Jolivet Sauvage Sancerre 

Antibes was unexpected in its delights. We felt like we were in a story book: no cars, so many quaint cheese shops, linens hanging out every window, and live music around every corner.

One of our final stops was Saint-Tropez. Never have we been to a place that is so small and quaint, while also having so much cosmopolitan activity at the same time. By cosmopolitan activity we mean night life…and beach clubs for miles. Not only was the town as relaxed and lovely as you would come to imagine, but while it felt sleepy, it buzzed with activity in the evening. We had an amazing lunch at Le Club 55, a private beach club and of course…our favorite spot when visiting Saint-Tropez? L’OPERA.  We won’t waste your time trying to explain it. There’s no place like it.

We showed up for our reservation to this glowing, pristine restaurant: think white linens, seaside breeze, and a three liter bottle of rose.

As the sun slowly began to set we moved on to our last course, and a chanteuse came out and began singing.

Singers and performers in more elaborate costumes file out of the restaurant, and soon the party transitioned to the top of the table. If you were following our trip on Instagram I’m sure you are acquainted with what comes next: cue feather headdresses, french burlesque dancers, and many more bottles of wine.

The more time we spent cruising along the French Riviera, the more we started to feel parallels with our home in Laguna Beach. As we learned more about the history and culture of the town, the more we longed to carry this history and lifestyle with us back to the states. Watch this space for more on this, but for now, pour yourself a glass of vino. Below is our all time favorite white Burgundy (chardonnay) from the trip. We tasted this on one of our last nights in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat: 2015 Domaine Alain Chavy Saint-Aubin 1er Cru En Remilly

Santé from your Pocket Somms! – ARGAUX


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