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Posted Jul 11, 2018
Club 44: The French Riviera in a Bottle

If we could pick one Rosé to drink this summer, it would be Club 44. One look at the label transports us to two places: The French Riviera, and Laguna Beach. Two ideal seaside towns, one of which we’re lucky to call home. Earlier this summer, Margaux and I spent a day romping around what we like to call the “California Riviera,” sipping on a wine that captures that ‘je ne sais quoi’ of the French Riviera. For us, Club 44 is a little taste of the Riviera lifestyle, instantly transporting our feet to sandy beaches and salty breezes, only to end the day with another ice cold bottle, a baguette and a cheese board. 

The concurrent summer moods are captured perfectly in the harmonious first sip of this bright, sunshine-filled wine. It is a classic blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah, packed with red fruits, crisp acidity and a fresh aftertaste that hums with the promise of relaxed afternoons in our very own California Riviera.

Only a few short weeks ago, the seaside air was lapping our faces as we gently explored the towns of the French Riviera, never too far away from a perfectly crisp glass of rosé. Upon popping the cork back at home, that Riviera mindset flowed out of the bottle. 

One of our favorite towns on our Riviera tour was St-Tropez, and we desperately wanted to create the feeling of that perfect town back home. For centuries St-Tropez remained a peaceful quaint fishing village, attracting painters like Paul Signac and Matisse, but few tourists. That changed dramatically in 1955 when Et Dieu Créa la Femme was shot here starring Brigitte Bardot, catapulting it into the international limelight and popular imagination. We visited one of the filming locations, and can attest it is ideal in real life as on the big screen.

With the image of the French Riviera shining in the minds of the cinema-literate, St. Tropez morphed into what we delightfully found a few weeks ago: a glittering yet relaxed jewel on the Mediterranean with a sophisticated undercurrent. We dwelled in the similarities, illustrated throughout Laguna Beach, as we drove down PCH transitioning from one beach to the next, working up an appetite.  

Club 44 pairs best with a day at the beach and an afternoon with nothing on the to-do list. The simple life. 

Club 44 is an ode to carefree days of summer, when shoes are optional and the toughest decision is what to drink with lunch. Or better yet, what can I drink all day long? After our day at the beach we headed over to MOULIN on Forest Ave. in Laguna for yet another bottle and our favorite time of day…happy hour. In France, there’s no such things as “happy hour” but it seems as though it’s a 24 hour thing. That’s what we’re after and Club 44 is the wine to chase the dream with.

Authentic, French-owned, and classic, MOULIN serves up a mean charcuterie plate, among other quintessential French options. 

Rosé all day just got real. Club 44 is a wine to hydrate with, kick back with, sunbathe with, aperitif with, and rendezvous with all summer…all day…all year long. No matter where you are, a sip of Club 44 will have you saying, “merci, merci beaucoup.”

You’re welcome! Enjoy.

Santé from Your Pocket Somms! – ARGAUX


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