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Posted Dec 31, 2017
Cheers to 2018!

When growing a relatively new company, a lot can happen in a year. 2017 was full of whirlwind moments, but in typical ARGAUX style we still took time to savor the key moments. Here is a look back at a 2017 for the books!

One of our biggest accomplishments was the launch of Club ARGAUX! Thank you to all of our clients, new and old, who allowed us to help them explore the world of quality wines and broaden their horizons. Is your New Year’s resolution to finally learn about wine? We can help!

This year we welcomed new life into the world, and celebrated our family bonds in many ways.

Travel is always a priority here at ARGAUX, and this year we ate and drank our way through Burgundy, Maui, Denver, Santa Barbara, Positano, Spain, and New York. We know in 2018 we will continue to Gaux Outside!

With the tragic fires making their way through Sonoma and Santa Barbara, we were grateful many of our friends stayed out of harm’s way. It is even more important in the coming months to support these areas with our tourism and continue to enjoy their wines. Sonoma Magazine has a resource on how to help in the aftermath of the fires and you can get involved at the United Way as well.

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1. Best new bottle you discovered in the past year?

One of my favorite discoveries in 2017 has to be Nittardi. I was introduced to this wine by a customer of ours. We got to talking about Italian wines, she had visited this winery with friends a few years back. Now we carry 3 of the Nittardi labels: Vigna Doghessa Chianti, the Riserva and Nectar Dei. Each one is delicious and beautifully wrapped in tissue paper to match the wine label. The property belonged to Michelangelo Buonarroti back in 1549 and each year a different artist paints the label and wrapping paper for the Vigna Doghessa bottles.

2. New Years Eve 2017: stay in or go out?

This year we are staying in…sort of. A group of us are “dinner party hopping” in Newport this year. There’s about 16 of us. We’ll start at a house in Newport for drinks and appetizers and then relocate to another nearby house for dinner and onto invade another home for dessert.

3. Fav restaurant of 2017?

I’m going to go with the first thing that comes to mind in addition to a local shout out! Margaux and I visited Denver back in March. I’ll never forget our meal at Los Chingones. Best nachos I’ve ever had. The food is fun and exciting, full of flavor. Clearly, I like Mexican food…My local shoutout is Carmelita’s in downtown Laguna Beach. BEST Margarita’s and Al Pastor and bonus: the service is excellent. Can I say one or two more? I was in Tulum, Mexico this past November – we had amazing food wherever we went in Tulum but the coolest atmosphere, romantic and unexpected was Posada Margherita. It’s an Italian Restaurant which is the shocking part since you’re sort of wired to order the guacamole and ceviche when in Mexico. This was the perfect change of pace. We ordered a bottle of Italian white wine, seafood pasta…it was a memorable dining experience. See our blog posts from Spain…those Japanese fusion joints…on point!

4. Funniest moment at work in 2017?

You know when you take a sip of water and it goes down the wrong pipe? For some reason water is always the worst. How do I describe this? This has happened to Margaux a few times but recently I was on the phone with a customer and well, it happens. She’s taking a sip of water, sitting across from me and the water goes down the wrong pipe. This resulted in not just a clearing of the throat, step out of the room for a second reaction…this was instant spray, no time to hide, complete water world. It was so alarming I had to tell whoever I was on the phone with that I needed to call them back, something extremely disturbing had just taken place. After she recovered it took us both about 10 minutes to get it together.

5. Motto for 2018?

Stay Positive, Be Fearless, Do Your Best … And Wine!


1. Best new bottle you discovered in the past year?

2012 Brun-Avril Chateauneuf du Pape for the wine itself.

2010 Archangel for the story.


2. New Years Eve 2017: stay in or go out?

Have a dinner party (that’s what we are doing!)

3. Fav restaurant of 2017?



4. Funniest moment at work in 2017?

Watching Arden do math


5. Motto for 2018?

Less water, more wine 😉

We have a lot to look forward to in 2018 – from our shared birthday that always kicks off the year in style to hunting for fresh picks for the ever-rotating shop. Thanks for a stellar 2017 – and cheers to a healthy, active, wine-filled 2018!

Cheers From Your Pocket Somm! – ARGAUX


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