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Posted Jun 7, 2017
An Argentine Dinner Party

“Food and wine is part of a healthy, happy way of life that brings people together. The wines we are pouring tonight are made in a deliberate manner that allow each to complement food. Indeed, these wines are simply a part of the meal – an extension of the plate.” 

The quote above was Arden’s opening line last Saturday night. It was inspired by Steve Clifton of Palmina Wines (his Malbec was the favorite of the night) and it is what the ARGAUX experience is all about.

Last Saturday we helped throw an Argentine Wine Dinner in Pasadena. The weather was great, the group was fun and we kept the wine flowing all night…. 35 bottles of wine to be exact. We decided to concentrate on Malbec and Chardonnay from France, Argentina and California. This allowed Arden to really dive into the diversity of each grape varietal. She chose wines that truly expressed the region and terroir from which they came from.

No wonder we flew through the wine! The menu was fun to craft. I wasn’t very familiar with the cuisine, so I gave my Argentine friend a call. Norma moved to California when she was 18 from Tucuman, Argentina and she can cook anyone under the table. The second I told her about the party she invited me over and together we cooked a traditional Argentine meal complete with empanadas, chimichurri, humita and entraña.

Every meal is family style in Argentina (or so I’ve been told), so sticking with tradition, I duplicated the meal Norma and I made and created a family style feast. Family style has always been my favorite way to eat. I find it incredibly intimate and inviting.

The natural garden setting was enhanced with beautiful bouquets by Amanda at Rosebud Floral Designs in Pasadena.

A HUGE shout out to our good friends Molly McCarthy, Tali MacAdams and Patrick (Peach) Freitas who helped us execute the dinner. Peach, you grilled the steak to perfection!

If this looks like fun to you, book your ARGAUX Dinner Party Today!

On to the Next Bottle! – ARGAUX


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